It’s a conspiracy I tell you! The world does not want me to have a diagnosis!

I called the doctor’s this morning, to ask about that endo referral. They said that one has not been set up yet, because the hospital called them and told them that the results they sent *WERE NOT MINE*!!! Mine have apparently vanished into thin air!!!

This is just getting totally ridiculous! I mean, COME ON! And you know, the doctor’s office really should have let me know that I have to redo the tests!!!


The one good thing is that since those test results were not mine, maybe the new ones will show I have Cushing’s! Like maybe I’ll have a cortisol level of 8000 instead of 31. But the other bad thing (aside from the whole wrong results have to redo tests thing) is that the low ACTH level was not mine either, which means that if I have Cushing’s, there’s a good chance that it’s a pituitary tumor. Blah.

Another bad thing…this means that for two days next week I have to get up at 8 am instead of 1 pm. That’s not gonna be fun.

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