Just an Update

I called Monday (and then today) to see if they had the UFC results in. They didn’t Monday, but mentioned that they had called the endo and was waiting to hear back.

They did have the UFC back, but again did not have a reference range to interpret it by. She did however say that the doctor had thought it looked good. But how you can tell that without a range to know what’s normal? Not to mention that I don’t want it to “look good”. Of course, you don’t really want a doctor to say to you “it looks bad” either. She said that she was going to contact the endo again in the next day or so, since they now have the UFC results too.

And I’m still getting sicker and more depressed. Still “working” if you can call it that. I go in, sit in misery for 8 hours, and accomplish at most an hour’s work. I don’t know what to do about that. There’s obviously the money part…but what about the health insurance and non-firing part? The unpaid medical leave is only 90 days. Who knows how many days from now it will be till I get a diagnosis? Or how long till I have surgery if I do? And if I have surgery, recovery is usually a couple months, with going back part-time before full-time. So what happens after I use up those 90 days and still need to be off? I lose my insurance and my job?