I went over to the hospital quite early this morning to pick up the collection container. They wanted to see the prescription first, which the doctor was supposed to have faxed Friday. Either they didn’t or the hospital misplaced it, they weren’t sure which. I had to wait about a half hour for that, since it took them 20 minutes just to get through to the doctor’s office. I got the blood work done today though so tomorrow I just have to register (again) and drop off the container.

I’ve been feeling anxious again about the results and the possiblity of pituitary surgery. Either surgery involves a stay in the hospital of 3 days usually, so that’s not fun. I’ve only had surgery as an outpatient before. I’m also anxious about the possibility of normal results. I just keep feeling sicker and sicker. I had about 4 days a week ago that I actually felt pretty good, but that was the first time in months that I had even felt remotely well. I’m now having bi-weekly or so migraines that last several days.

Work is getting so difficult. By the time I’m up and showered in the morning, I’m exhausted and ready to go back to bed. Sitting up for 8 hours just totally kills me. My body aches and I have *zero* energy. Joe’s been doing the grocery shopping lately because walking around the grocery store is too much now. Feeding the cats is almost too much activity for me lately. Then there’s the nausea too lately. I really feel (and am starting to look) pregnant (I’m not though). I have pretty much every symptom pregnant women have, plus about 50 more. Except that this isn’t going to go away in nine months and I’m not going to have a baby at the end (thank god). Someone at work actually asked Joe if I was pregnant last month. I was offended…till I looked in the mirror.

I’m still at -14 hours PTO or something. They don’t mind me working from home sometimes…but the thing is that I just can’t work, either there or here. I can’t focus and I can’t think and I can’t concentrate. I have maybe 15 min or so a day that I’m actually worth anything intellectually (in fact, I probably used up all of today’s (tomorrow’s?) writing this. So I’m getting very desperate. I can’t go on disability till I have a diagnosis…I just hope that’s soon.

  • you’re in my thoughts, sweetie; this whole situation sucks so much and I wish I could do something to help!

  • I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

  • I have been going through my own medical problems as well, and it isn’t fun. I have chest pains, headaches, neck pain, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, miscellaneous other joint paint, all happening at the same time. It has been, for the most part, getting worse. I have had EKGs, Bloodwork and a Chest X-Ray, all of which have been normal. I am going to a Cartiologist on Monday to get a full work-up, including a stress test though, because I have had periods of pounding heart (probably just my weight, but I want to be sure). I have been to my regular doctor’s office about 10-15 times now, and have found out that:
    1. I have a gallstone
    2. I have minor Acid reflux
    3. Those things can’t be causing all of my pain
    Tylenol sometimes helps with the pain, but not always. It only works on the headaches about 50% of the time, and when those are really bad I get nausea as well. The best thing we have found on our own to describe this is Fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, that is one of those…well…you don’t have disease a, or b, or c, or d, so it must be Fibromyalgia type disorders.

    Hopefully things work out for you in the long run. I haven’t gone back to read about all of your symptoms you have had, but take a look at Fibromyalgia sometime. It coincides with at least some of your symptoms you mentioned above.

    Good Luck!

  • Fibro does cover a lot of my symptoms, and I’ve thought about pursuing the topic with doctors in the past, but there’s still a lot of symptoms it doesn’t cover. I guess I’m still in the ruling out stage of diseases…at least now I’m getting to the rare diseases I guess (and coincidentally, the c’s).

    I hope you find out what’s wrong with you as well and that you feel better. I hope the cardiologist doesn’t just tell you it’s all an anxiety disorder…I think that even if people didn’t have any anxiety issues before, being told they’re checking for heart problems would make anyone anxious..let alone someone who was already having anxiety issues!

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