An appointment…three months away

I called the doctor’s today. I have an appointment with an endo Dec. 7. I called the endo to see if I could get one sooner, or with another doctor there. I couldn’t. I asked to be put on the cancellation waiting list and they said ok.

I tried calling the one other local endo that my insurance covers. Some answering service answered their phone..and then disconnected. Several times.

And so…I have to wait *3 months* to see them, unless I get lucky and there’s a cancellation before then (there’s other people on the cancellation list too). And then what? More tests? Telling me that once again, it’s all in my head? Or that it’s something another specialist has to treat, which I would have to wait another three months to see? And what if he says it is Cushing’s? They still need more tests to determine where the tumor is. Then there’s probably a follow-up visit for that. Then there’s the scheduling of surgery. So nothing is going to happen anytime soon.

If these tests I just took show a high level of cortisol, I’m going to try to get into NIH for a study (you need positive test results before they take you).

But I just don’t know what I’m going to do about work. We don’t have enough money with me working full-time. If I go to part-time, not only will we have less money in general, we’d have to pay almost $175 a month or so for health insurance for me (getting on Joe’s plan). Right now we have about -$300 a month for all the bills we have already. We can’t afford to have me work less or pay for health insurance. And without health insurance, I can’t afford specialists or surgery.

I just can’t do the working full-time thing right now. Aside from a ll the body pain and tiredness from sitting up for 8 hours, I just plain can’t do my job, as I mentioned before. You need to think to be able to design or code and I can’t.

People like mom are not very helpful. “You just need to get out more and get more exercise”. Or today’s one: “you think about being sick too much and that’s why you have problems at work”. Yes, I think I’m sick, therefore I am sick. What wonderful logic.

But yeah. December? I’ll either be jobless (and homeless) by then, or dead.

  • Dude, this sucks. I hope that someone cancels and you can get in there earlier. I really hope they can figure out what’s going on with you.

  • *Hugs*

    Aww =(, that whole situation is just very =(. I maintain that the States needs free healthcare too.

    *shifty eyes*

    *Sends army of Polar Bears to maul Bush until it is so ^^.*

    But yeah – serriously, really do hope you can get in earlier.

  • Hopefully they’ll have a cancellation. My neurologist appointment was set for two months out and they had a cancellation and I got in within a week! Now if my stupid insurance would approve the injections, I’d be good to go.

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