Smokers’ Rights

The whole thing about smokers’ having a right to smoke is something that is totally stupid. I mean, really.

Where’s my right to pour battery acid down your throat? How could you possibly have a right to force me to breathe in cancer-causing substances? Am I supposed to just stop breathing whenever I go anywhere where someone is smoking? Sorry, I left my SCUBA tank at home.

Smoking sections in restaurants do not work. There are restaurants I will not go into because there’s so many people smoking that the air is cloudy, even in the “non-smoking” section that’s 5 feet from the smoking section. And smoking at outdoor public events? Just totally rude. One year at the Renaissance Faire at the hawk show someone was sitting in the row behind me smoking. Really, I was very tempted to turn around, grab his cigarette, and poke him in the eye with it. Of course, I would probably go to jail for that while it’s perfectly legal for him to cause me harm through secondhand smoke.


That’s not to even mention all the other fun health problems that go along with it. Would you like an order of emphysema with your salad?

  • I’ve always disliked the smell of cigarette smoke. Growing up with parents who both smoked, I knew I’d never want to smoke myself, and I’ve still never tried it.

    I have no problem with people who want to smoke if they do it on their own time, in their own places, or if they’re at a restaurant with a seperate, enclosed smoking area. I figure, it’s their choice if they want to put that in their bodies, and that way, they aren’t affecting everyone around them with their secondhand smoke.

  • Yeah, in their own home is a different story (except when their home is in an apartment complex that shares heating and air conditioning systems where the smoke goes right into their neighbors’ apartments…). I just can’t believe that people are still saying they should be allowed to smoke wherever they want. There was a big fuss when local hospitals banned smoking anywhere on their property this past spring.
    We don’t have any restaurants with enclosed smoking areas, but I do feel sorry for waitresses and waiters who have to work in such places.

  • Very true about apartments and condos and it leaking through; we actually had that issue in our last apartment! It reeked in one corner because people on the other side of the wall would smoke.

    The county I live in banned smoking in the majority of restaurants unless they have an enclosed area, so it’s nice to go into restaurants and bars now. My mom is a nurse and she’d smoke outside on her breaks. I wonder what she’d do now if she still smoked.

  • My husband smoked up until this weekend, and he quit. I think he was having serious breathing issues. I am thrilled!! That and the fact that our city (but not the county) instituted a smoking ban, too. It’s great.

  • I’m with you. I’m allergic to cigarette smoke, and I was so happy to live in Boulder where smoking was banned in all restaurants/bars, etc.

  • Oh man I know! And forget that it makes your lungs turn black…. you should see some of the pictures of what that stuff does to your genes… and we’re not talking little G and C switching around somewhere… I mean like whole halfs of one chromosome ripped of and smushed onto the ends of another… like the freaky freaky ones you only see in some evolutionary lines… bad!….but then again that prof might have just been trying to scare us lol

    Oh how cool! Congratz to the person who’s husband’s stopped!

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