More Doctor Stuff

I called the doctor’s this afternoon. The results were in (why didn’t they call to tell me that themselves?). They were all around normal, but he wants me to see an endocrinologist. They called me at work today to see if there was any certain day/time I wanted the appointment and said they’d call me back to let me know. I got all excited…an appointment! Then 15 minutes went by, then 45 minutes…and now it’s been about 2 hours and I don’t think they’re going to be calling back today (unless they forgot I said to call me at work and just called at home…but I won’t know till I get home tonight).

I asked what the actual numbers were for the tests, but silly me didn’t think to ask what the range was (each lab has a different range…I’m not even sure where these went since it was through the hospital). I did manage to find out online that pretty much no matter which scale was used, my ACTH result was low (it was 2…some scales go from 1.8 – 5, some from 5-50, or whatever…in any case, it’s low). Which points more towards an adrenal tumor than pituitary tumor. I *never* want to have surgery where they go in through my nose again. Cut open my abdomen all you want, but you’re not getting near my nose. So that was somewhat of good news.
Of course, it could still be that I don’t have Cushing’s and have no tumors, but I prefer to believe that I do have Cushing’s and have a (benign) adrenal tumor. After all, they remove that and I’m likely to be much better within a year.
So if I haven’t heard from them by tomorrow afternoon, I guess I’ll have to call them again.

  • Well that is at least hopeful that something is showing up – I hope they find it so you can get better =). *Hugs* ^^ Any news on the insurance company being less of a jerk?

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