They are idiots. Total fucking idiots.

I get up at 7:30 this morning, get there before 8, and then wait an HOUR AND A HALF for them to tell me that they can’t do it there and I have to get the bloodwork (and urine test) done at the lab at hospital. TOTAL IDIOTS.

They could have told me that MONDAY when I called. Or even yesterday afternoon when I showed up because they told me to COME IN ANYTIME. But no, they wait until I come in the next day and have been waiting already for an HOUR AND A HALF for them just to draw some blood.

I did go to the hospital and picked up the urine collection thing. They said I could just have the blood drawn tomorrow when I drop it off, which is better because by that time it was 10 am and the blood was supposed to be drawn at 8 am.

I was so angry I completely forget to ask if they scheduled the CT scan. They had told me they’d tell me when the appointment was when I came in this morning. They probably haven’t even made it though. Idiots.

  • That sucks!!!

    I hope you can get it done tomorrow. Is it possible to find a different place to get these tests done?

  • Oh wow – thats very inconsiderate of them… you would think that a medical place like that would be better organized. Am glad that you got the 24hour urine test though…. that is suppossed to be one of the better tests for Cushing’s..

    That truely sucks though *shakes fist at disorganized medical places of the world*

  • oh geez, that is utterly ridiculous. :( I’m so sorry!

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