I got level 67 tonight on my conjurer tonight in EQ2..and am already almost halfway into it. Only three more levels to level 70 (level cap)!

I’ve been having a lot of fun grouping with my guild lately. We’re still really small (and seem to keep shrinking instead of growing), but it’s great to have a guild of people you know and trust rather than 100s of people who don’t even know you.

Since I’m 67, I can wear my class hat now. Gotta love the pointy conj hat :) I’ll post some pictures sometime soon.

I’m looking forward to the expansion in November and the new class: the Fae.

  • Scott’s playing EQII again, and he’s loving it. I think his character’s only lvl 35 or so, but he’s having a good time. I definitely want to see pics of your character with the hat on!

  • Woot!! Congratz!!Hehe sorry I missed it – that is so cool! ^^

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