Cats and Bugs

Akasha was just playing with the largest, ugliest fly ever. She would bat at it, trap it under her paw, pick it up in her mouth and carry it off. She was having a great time, but I really didn’t want her having that in her mouth (or eating it). So I had to chase the fly (and her) around the apartment. Eventually it ended up near the balcony door and I shooed her away, stuffed paper towels on top it, and put Joe’s shoe on top of it. He can deal with it when he comes home for lunch.

Our cats love bugs though. Sometimes I’ll see Spencer slam his paw down on something, then lick whatever it was off the bottom of his paw and eat it. Ughhh….

Then once they eat the bug (or we manage to get it away from them before they eat it), they keep looking all around for it still.

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