There was as message from the doctor’s when Joe got home saying for me to call them. This message probably came *after* they were closed for the day (I was home until 12 and they close at 3 on Fridays) and they don’t usually call till the end of the day. But anyway, after they close you just get their answering thing so you have to wait till the next day to call, which in this case is MONDAY.

It’s so frustrating! My results are there! I want them! I would have worked from home today, but they didn’t tell me when they’d have the results so I didn’t.

Of course, the nurse will probably be like “all your results were normal so you don’t have anything to worry about!” as if that’s *good news* to me. I *want* the results to find something damnnit!

So now I have to wait till *Monday* to call them back. Arggh!

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