Sick again.

Two weeks ago I went to the doctors. Got some antibiotics for a sinus infection. Felt fine for all of one day last week. Then came down with bronchitis. Went to the doctors today and now have a prescription for cough syrup with codeine and some more antibiotics. Plus more samples of Ambien. I was out. I printed some info from online out on dysautonomia (specifically, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and showed it to him. He was like, “yep, this is probably what you have”. Which I’ve already known since last summer. Too bad there’s no cure.

So yeah, I’ve been feeling really miserable lately and have missed too much work the past few weeks.

  • I’ve got bronchitis and codeine cough syrup, too. AND strep throat.

    I miss you.

  • I hope you feel better :(

    I miss you too.

  • aww, I hope you get to feeling better! *hugs* it seems everyone is sick lately.. I know I am miserable, and so is Robert!

    glad you posted something, miss reading things from you!

  • I know this is sorta old but, *HUGS*. I’m sorry that you’re so sick. I know how it feels to miss too much work. :/

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