Really Long Hair

Having really long hair* is a new experience for me. Up until about five years ago, my hair would fall somewhere between chin length and several inches below my shoulders. In spring 2003, after having let it grow until it was not quite halfway down my back, I had it cut above my shoulders again. Since then I’ve only had it trimmed a half inch maybe twice a year. Now it’s about down to my elbows.

I usually wear it back in a braid during the day (and it’s usually wet all day since I don’t use a hairdryer). Whenever I let it down I also forget how long it is. I’m always accidently dipping it into my food. I’ve always done that, but now I don’t even have to lean over to do it. Last weekend when cleaning the bunny cage, I ended up scrubbing out the cage with a paper towel *and* my hair for a minute till I realized it. When I sit cross-legged on the computer chair I feel something brush against my leg and freak out, thinking it’s a bug until I look down and see that it’s just my hair. But I really like my hair and am enjoying having really long hair.

* To me, really long hair is hair that goes from mid-back to the bottom of your butt. Hair that goes down further is just too damn long hair.

  • I’m growing my hair out long again for the first time in years. I’m curious to see what it will look like long again.

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