Not a very good day

Today was not a very good day. We woke up at 9 and were still tired, but don’t know why. We got to the vet okay and that went all right (although expensive). After we dropped everyone off at home, we went to the drugstore. Apparently my insurance doesn’t cover the type of the calcium-channel blocker the doctor subscribed. So I had to call the doctor and I’ll have to go another day to pick that up.

Then later on we left in plenty of time to get to my therapist appointment. We had directions. We ended up driving around for over 20 minutes trying to find it though. We got there at about 3:03. My appointment had been at 3:00. We go in and I give my name and they asked who I was there to see. I told them and they said there was no one that worked there by that name. I was pretty confused…I’m sure that’s the name they said on the phone because I had repeated it and they said yes. Then eventually they went and looked through the appointment book. By the time they come back to the window, it’s about 3:10. They’re like “you did have an appointment for 3 but you should have been here 15 minutes ahead of time to fill out paperwork…he won’t have enough time to see you today (didn’t say the guy’s name so I don’t know who I actually had an appointment with). We said about how we got lost and they didn’t seem to care, just said about rescheduling. The guy’s only there Mon-Wed 8 to 4 or something. The place was too far away to be going before work. Plus the building was sort of run down and the receptionists there weren’t nice at all (they weren’t when I called to set up the appointment and then to change the date either). And they hadn’t told me to arrive 15 minutes early (although I was planning on arriving at least that early because I had assumed I had to do paperwork). Most places will tell you how early you should arrive before your first visit.

So I’m going to find another place, closer to home, and with a woman therapist.

And all day today both Joe and I have been tired and grumpy and not in good moods at all.

  • I hope the rest of the week goes better

  • *hugs* hope you guys get caught up on some rest.. maybe its a bit of sickness ya both got? Julianne has been quite tired lately due to that.. (thus making me tired and grumpy, yep)

    I hope you can find a therapist closer to home, no sense going somewhere you dont like or feel comfortable with, right?


    thinking about you..

  • I hate days like that. *HUGS*

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