This has been another enjoyable week at work. In fact, I didn’t even really want to leave tonight. I could have stayed later of course, but the kitties would have been upset that their dinner was late. I’m still working on the PHP/mySQL things for that site. The basic needs were finished long ago, but I keep finding ways to make the code more efficient and better ways to do things. It’s going to be hard to seperate out “learning time” from “billing time” to know how many hours we need to bill the client. We want to keep this one under 10 hours (for the whole site). Counting learning time, I’ve spent over 80 hours on it. No one has given me anything else to do at work still…so I’ve just kept playing around with it. We’ll probably end up dividing the cost anyway between several different sites that we’ll use it on. I say “we” but it’s really all D’s (the woman who works from home doing client work) decision. She tells me what needs to be done and how much time I have to do it.

As I said before, I’ve only done one major thing and a few minor ones for the clients. I love it, since I don’t have to communicate directly with the clients. It would be good if my workload stayed light so I could work on client stuff more. D knows a lot about web programming, but isn’t that skilled when it comes to graphics and design (which she freely admits) so together we could make some great sites. But…there’s all the work on the company’s own site and print work to be done. Really though, the two of us in web right now, don’t do much with the backend of the site. NOC takes care of it. It’s a huge, randomly coded mess of a content management system which they hope to convert this year to something better. So we’d take care of the design which is more of a one-time thing than an ongoing one. It’s the print work that never ends. Yellow page ads, postcards, billboards, posters, table tents, etc. Lately they’ve been giving the other web designer more of it (not sure why…I think it’s just because he’s there earlier than me…I get any work they decide in the afternoon that they want done) which has left me with more time to work on client stuff.

Anyway…I’m just rambling as usually.

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