Snow is blah

We had our first snowfall of the year on Sunday morning. It was only about two inches, but that’s two inches more than I like. I hate winter and snow and cold weather so much.

I’m pretty much over being sick, but since last week when I first got sick my blood pressure has been really high. I have a follow-up visit at the doctor’s on Friday so I’ll have to mention that then. I’ll finally be able to get my referral to a psychiatrist. That’s a good thing. I’ve felt extremely surreal lately. I’m not sure how much the Zoloft is doing, besides very effectively killing my sex life.

I ordered my main Christmas present from Joe on Sunday, as he told me to. It’s a black 4 gig iPod Nano. I never really wanted an MP3 player until last week. Then suddenly, I really wanted one. I ordered this case for it. I’m really excited about it. Joe’s Christmas present from me is the Nintendo DS Mario Kart bundle and he’s just as excited about it.

Friday, I also suddenly wanted the Zoo Tycoon complete collection for the Mac. I have the PC one plus the first expansion already, but I wanted to be able to play it on the Powerbook. Of course, no stores around here have Mac games and the closest Apple store is two hours away. So I ordered that from amazon and it arrived today. I’m going to go play it now.

  • ooo nano. they’re so cool. I love my shuffle, and later on I’ll get a “real” ipod too – but for now I am pleased with my wee one. 😀 it’s snowing here too… ick.

    I got your email and will reply soon!

  • yay Nintendo DS! =) Robert and I got that for each other, granted.. we’re playing with them now and just got a few extra games to put under the tree for each other, hehe =) we love mario kart! the best thing is though, that we only have to have one mario kart game to play =) I love the DS!

    enjoy your Ipod! =)

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