I changed my therapist appointment from the 27th to the second week of January. I wanted Joe to be able to go along with me and he couldn’t get off work till then.

I finally bought Christmas gifts for my family this weekend. I’m usually done shopping way before this. I’m not in the mood for Christmas at all.

I bought about $80 worth of Baby-Sitters Club books today off an ebay store. Fortunately she combines shipping otherwise it would have been $115 more. Most of the books were $0.99. She had most of the ones left I needed (and very nicely listed the ones I needed that she didn’t have up so I could buy them) so my collection is almost complete. I hadn’t meant to spend so much money (I started out buying 3, but there was an error with one I contacted her about and she asked if I was interested in other BSC books), but it’s not often you find so many that you need available at one place for such a good price. Completing the collection was something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. My collection includes the regular series, the super specials, the mystery series, the mystery super specials, the portrait books, and the friends forever books. I also have some of the Little Sister books that I bought when I was younger.

Work has been okay. I like the company and the job and all, but I still wish I was doing more actual web design. Back in October, I did a layout for a client through the woman who does the web design for clients, but the woman never got back to her with the “about” content we need to finish it. Last week I finished all of my other work (print-based mostly) and started working on a another site. I’m also going to be doing the layout for another site once they get back to her with info. The only other web design I’ve done for them is a small site for their dial-up accelerator. I’ve created some promo banners for the site, but other than that it’s been print work. I knew I was going to be doing some print work, but not that it would be mostly print work.

  • wow, that is totally awesome! Id love to have the complete collection of BSC books someday, I loved them.. I probably wouldnt mind reading them again, just because im silly like that =) is there someplace online that has a checklist of the books? just wondering =)

    *hugs* glad to hear work is okay..

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