I haven’t wanted to write another entry since the last one because my total number of posts so far was 1234. I guess I’ll just have to try for 12345 now.

Yesterday I finally finished the new layout for Yesterday (and today) I’ve been off work sick. On Wednesday, I left work about two hours early. I found out that night that Zach, my nephew who I saw on Thanksgiving, has been off school sick all week with the same symptoms as me. Which are headache, fever, sore throat, and tiredness. It’s really the headache that’s kept me off work. Any time I’m up sitting or standing too long, I get a terrible headache. Plus I get dizzy when up moving around. Laying down, I don’t feel too bad, which is why I was grateful yesterday for my Powerbook. I set up a little nest on the couch with my pillows, the TV remotes, and my Powerbook. Last night I ended up sleeping 12 hours, which was probably a good thing.

Things with Kenobi are going well. I need to get him to the vet soon to have his initial checkup. He’s doing very well in his litter training. He also fortunately has not shown an interest in chewing power cords (although yesterday Spencer was trying to bite the lamp cord…go figure). The only bad thing that he’s chewed so far is styrofoam. We have this piece of it from the box that Joe’s computer case came in or something and Akasha claimed it as her bed. It’s just the right size for her. She wasn’t thrilled with Kenobi trying to eat her bed, besides the fact that he just shouldn’t eat it. I leave him out the entire time I’m home and awake. We block off the dining room (and kitchen and laundry room..where the cats’ food and litter are) and the computer room. Although lately he’s been managing to jump over the barrier to the computer room which is where Akasha’s styrofoam bed is. He loves to sleep under our bed.

  • yay! you’re such a good bunny owner. when we first had maltball, we had to block off the entryway/bathroom or our little studio (didn’t want him darting out the door and down the stairs!), so we used a baby gate. if you choose to go that route, i’d recommend one withOUT plastic because he eventually chewed the plastic, but it worked well for a long time! :)

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