last day of vacation

And today is the last day of my vacation. *sniff*

It was very nice and relaxing. I wasn’t quite as productive as I would have liked, but I did get things worked on. A large part of the time was spent working on that new layout for that I started back in August (and I’m still not finished with it). I swear, that layout has given me so many problems. If I didn’t like it so much, I would have given up long ago. Today I need to retouch three more wedding photos so I can order the announcements and prints for family.

On my birthday we went out eat with my parents at Olive Garden. Other than that, I spent most of the day working on that layout while Joe played World of Warcraft. It was very nice.

While this time off has been great and I would love more days off, I know from past experience that if I have unlimited time off, I never get anything accomplished. I was thinking back yesterday on those 10 months or so before I started my new job when I only worked 3 days a week. What did I *do* those 4 days off?? I certainly never got anything done.