Wedding Update

This past weekend I bought my wedding make-up. I decided to do my hair and make-up myself rather than in the salon there. It would have been cheaper to have them do it! I ended up spending about $60 on make-up. I suppose I didn’t really *need* another grey/black eyeliner, but hey it’s my wedding day! It’s all stuff I’ll use again anyway so it’s not like it will be wasted. I’m going with rose/plum colors. I wanted to do my own makeup since I enjoy the process and like to think I’m pretty good at it so I can be sure to get the look I want. Still have to decide on a hair style yet. Sometime before we leave I’ll do a hair and makeup run through. The makeup one is mainly to make sure all the makeup works. I once bought some liquid eyeliner that was completely empty.

Mom is sewing the ribbons onto my ballet slippers since I’m not skilled with a needle. I need to get some prescriptions refilled before we leave and pick up the new Wheel of Time book. It’s a good thing I get paid again before we leave. I ended up spending $96 at Barnes and Noble on Saturday that I really shouldn’t have spent. They should really ban me from bookstores. I always end up spending at least $50 in there. At least I can actually afford it now that I’m working full-time.

I’m getting really excited, but nervous too. I don’t like flying! I hate cabin pressure! I’m also scared of crashing. I keep imagining all these scenarios in which we tragically die on our way to or from our wedding. Or on the road to the resort…or drowning in the water…or choking on some jerk chicken…or having a bizarre accident with a drink umbrella. As much as I’m looking forward to this, I’ll be relieved to get home.

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