Today was a pretty productive day. We got up around 9:30, which is early for us for the weekend. I read for awhile and then got to work. I switched my emails from Outlook Express to Thunderbird finally and got that all set up. I organized my hard drive and updated some software. Next I backed up my websites and their databases. Finally I burned a new archive DVD of the stuff I put on it since I archived last (July). I also filed away some papers and burned a copy of the wedding DVD for my parents. Plus I made a new to-do list combined several old ones.

Last night I was productive as well. I cleaned up and organized my computer desk and my emails. I just hope this productivity sticks around. I decided last week that I wanted to try NaNoWriMo this year. I signed up for it in 2002, but never wrote a word. Now that I’m out of college I figure I’ll have a better chance of actually writing something. I have an idea for a plot and my characters and I read the first part of “No Plot, No Problem”. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Thunderbird is pretty awesome. I’m glad you switched! :) I’m using Mail now, and that reminds me a lot of Thunderbird.

    I’m preparing to burn some major backups. I just did my pictures and documents for the first time in months, and now I’m going to tackle the rest of it.

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