Busy Day

Last night I only got about three hours sleep. I only got about four hours the night before. So yeah, I’m really tired. Plus since yesterday I’ve been having this stabbing pain in my back right below my right shoulder blade whenever I breathe, move, or sneeze. And I have tendonitis in my right thumb (too much using a mouse). I was at the doctor’s this morning for my 4 week check-up thing. He upped the Zoloft dose to 100mg a day. Plus he gave me more Ambien to help me sleep. Hopefully I won’t have hallucinations this time. I go back in 4 more weeks. I really need to get that psychiatrist appointment set up.

Next time I post, I’ll be married.

  • you’re getting married in FOUR DAYS! eeeeeee! :)

  • yay, that is soooo exciting!!! I hope your trick is awesome, that you feel better, and your wedding is wonderful! =) Cant wait to hear back from you to see how everything went!!

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