bad friend

I am a bad friend.


I was reading back through emails from years ago and there’s so many from people that I never kept in touch with. Some stopped writing to me, but many I stopped writing to them. I never call anyone. I never write anyone letters anymore.

I do email people, but it’s usually to talk about myself. I have to respond right away otherwise I’ll usually never respond. I don’t comment much on other people’s entries or sites. I don’t send presents or cards.

And I wonder why I don’t have many friends and no close ones. But I can’t blame people. I wouldn’t want to be my friend either since I’ve been too self-involved these past few years to be a good friend to someone. And as my social anxiety disorder gets worse, I retreat from people more and more. I bought the self-help books, now I just need to read and work through them.

  • I’ve been a bad friend recently too. I do like getting emails from you because I like hearing about what you’re doing! I’ve definitely been overly self-involved recently and I’m not in a good state of mind these days either, so I definitely know. I hope the self-help books help out.

  • I have, too. And I’ve moved twice since you were here so you don’t have my address anymore.

    We all have our issues, and we still love you.

  • *hugs* I agree with what Aubrey and Blair say! loveyou.

  • aw sweetie, we’ve all had stuff going on lately. I still love you and I think you’re an excellent friend.

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