The wedding is so soon! I can’t believe it! I had my appointment for my alterations yesterday. Not much needs to be done…just the sides taken in. It won’t be done until the day before we leave though. I took a half day off work that day since I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning and that appointment in the evening, plus I might have to get new prescriptions filled. I still don’t know how I’m wearing my hair or my makeup. I really wish the Ultimate Wedding boards weren’t gone. There was lots of great posts of different hairstyles. I’m really having a hard time finding pictures online. I’ll probably wear it down with the sides pulled back and a floral wreath. But I don’t really know what I want to do with the hair I pull back. Makeup isn’t a problem. I just have to decide on my color scheme and I’ll probably pick up some new stuff this weekend. We have the rings, although Joe’s was slightly too big and the replacement won’t be in till the day after we get back. But since they have to special order the ring, we get to keep the other one until it’s in. That kind of sucks, but isn’t a huge deal.

  • I was thinking of you the other day and how close your wedding is! I can’t wait to see pics of you guys after you get back :).

  • A lot of the girls who were on UW are now at A Dream For Two. You might be able to go on there and some people might be able to help with hairstyle suggestions and pictures. :)

  • Its so exciting =) I was thinking about your and your wedding the other day when my mom was talking to me about my cousin who’s getting married next weekend! =)

    Cant wait to see pictures when you get back too! =)

  • omg omg you’re getting married so soon!!!! I’m so excited for you! I cna’t wait to see your pictures :)

    I will be replying to your email this weekend, I hope! *hugs*

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