This morning I went to the doctor. I had made the appointment last week, just intending to talk about treatment options and such. But I’ve been feeling sick since the Monday before, so it turns out I had something else to see him about too. My sinuses were very unhappy. So he gave me some Flonase. Maybe that will make them happier.

He also gave me Zoloft. Maybe that will make me happier. I’m not really taking them for depression, but more because my cardiologist thinks it might be an anxiety disorder causing my problems. He also wants to be to see a psychiatrist. To get the anxiety disorder thing checked out and because certain medications have a tendency to make me hallucinate when they shouldn’t. Do I think that an anxiety disorder is the cause of all my problems? No. I still think it’s POTS. An anxiety disorder wouldn’t make my pulse rise and my blood pressure drop when I stand. Does POTS cause anxiety disorder-like symptoms? Yes. Would treating those symptoms probably make me feel better? I’m hoping.

I don’t think I’ve taken an SSRI since the fast heart rate and other things started, but I can’t say for sure since I’m not sure when that started. He said I have to up the dose slowly and be careful because it could make me wired and since I’m already wired, I guess that would make me super-wired. And if anything else happens, like I start imagining aliens are coming to abduct me again, I should stop it immediently. He also said I can try cutting the Toprol in half and see how that goes since I want off it because I hate it.

And now I should get to bed.

  • *hugs* I hope all that stuff helps you hon..

  • *hugs* This all sounds so frustrating. I hope this works for you.

  • years ago a doctor tried to get me on Zoloft, long story on the reasons, it made my heart pound hard and fast so I quit taking it… the dr was pretty mad. I’ve actually been checking your blog for a while now, really hoping you can get to the bottom of your heart issue, it really resembles my own but I’ve not been able to see a dr for it yet. I’ve heard it before from drs who don’t have the skill to figure out a tough problem to just want to blame it on anxiety or stress of the patient than admit they don’t know. Hope you get a real answer soon…

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