slim fast

Joe and I are starting the Slim Fast diet tomorrow. We went to the grocery store today and bought our food for next week. I was impressed by the web site features. When you sign up, it sets up a “custom” plan for you based on your calorie needs (height, weight, and activity level) and your preference (low fat or low carb). It creates a weekly menu, which you can remove or substitute items from. It also creates a weekly grocery list which you can remove or add items to. It also has a diary, food log, and activity log. Plus a weight chart. According to the weight chart, I should be at my goal weight (125) by November. My starting weight is 151. My daily calorie limit is 1300.

I’ve been drinking Slim Fast for breakfast for almost a year. I like it. The diet plan isn’t too bad. Tomorrow I’m having:
Breakfast: 1 Shake with peanut butter on whole wheat toast
Snack 1: Cucumber Slices with Italian Dressing
Lunch: 1 Shake with a Turkey Pita
Snack 2: Baby Carrots
Dinner: Tacos
Snack 3: Strawberries

For dinner during the week, since I don’t cook really, I bought some Healthy Choice frozen dinners. I can eat up to 500 calories for dinner. I also like the Lean Cuisine macaroni so will eat that sometimes for dinner. For drinks, it will be water, iced tea, Gatorade (need that for the POTS to replenish my sodium and potassium), chocolate Silk, and the occasional soda. And regular hot tea in various flavors. And just in case the snacks of fruit aren’t enough to hold me over, I have some Triscuits and mini rice cakes should I need them.

My main problem with food is that I don’t eat healthy. Or I eat too much. Or too often. This diet plan will get me on sort of a food schedule. I know what I’m going to eat and when. Hopefully I’ll stick to some version of it even after I reach my goal weight. My entire reasons aren’t just for appearance. With the hypogylcemia and my risk of serious heart problems, it’s best to try and learn to follow a healty diet. I chose the Slim Fast one because I like to drink the shakes anyway. On a side note, I’ve tried the meal bars and think they’re rather…blah.

  • Goodluck with this! It doesnt sound all that bad.. with the nice little day of meals/snacks you’ve shown.. that isnt really bad at all!


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