diet: day three

Today is day three of the Slim Fast diet. It’s been doing well. Really, week days aren’t much different. Just a few changes. I eat more at breakfast. Today for example, for breakfast instead of just a Slim Fast like before, I had a Slim Fast shake, a hard boiled egg, and an orange. Kind of a odd combination, but I like it. I discovered Monday morning that I’m not awake enough when I first wake up to manage to peel an egg or an orange. I peeled this morning’s breakfast last night and breakfast went much smoother this morning. Another change is that my evening’s snack is much less and much healthier. Before Joe would sometimes bring home McDonalds or something from Sheetz and I’d eat something from those places even though I had eaten dinner earlier (that was at most once a week though usually). Now, I eat some type of fruit. The biggest change is going to be on the weekend. Joe and I ate out a lot. And often. I’m sure we’ll still eat sometimes, but probably limit it to one meal a weekend, if at all.

I really can’t say if I’m hungrier. I was often hungry before. I eat something and then an hour later I’m hungry again. Today was actually pretty good hunger-wise, except for the fact that a meeting ran long so I was half hour late going to lunch. I was starving by then. My body likes to eat in two-hour increments, which this diet is great for. I suprised myself at dinner. I had a Healthy Choice frozen dinner: stuffed pasta shells and broccoli. Normally I’m not big on pasta or broccoli (except in chinese food). But I put a little bit of cheese on the broccoli and it tasted fabulous. The shells were pretty good too. I gobbled it all up. I’ll be buying that one again.

  • I’m glad it’s going well. :)

  • I like the healthy choice french bread pizzas and the pizza from weight watchers. They are both good in the microwave, but great from the oven. And the mexican beans & rice are good, too. I’m glad it’s going well for you!! :)

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