My mom is doing okay. The surgery went all. Which is good.

Aside from that, I’ve been wondering why I haven’t read many blog or LJ posts about the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. When that tsunami hit, pretty much everyone posted about how terrible it was. I know a lot more people died from that, but still. Do people not care about this? Do they not know? Is it not as important as the tsunami to blog about? Personally, I didn’t blog about the tsunami. I usually don’t blog about things like that. So why am I now? I don’t know.

  • I think its a huge devistation.. I spent from 7-8 watching NBC and their Hurricane Relief thing they were having.. when it went off I think they had about 5mil they raised in the hour.. its amazing.

    I watch the news about it often.. but I dont write about it.. I dont need a debate, you know? to each their own I suppose.. I dont particularly remember writing about the Tsunami either..

    *hugs* glad to hear about your mom that the surgery went well and all..

    and, btw.. I like your new LJ name =)

  • Thanks :)

    I know… I read on the news sites about all the people helping and donating. It is amazing. I heard about how people from 200 miles away were bringing caravans of boats in to rescue people. But I haven’t heard anyone talk in person about the event or relief effort at all or much at all on blogs or LJ, unless they know people affected by it. I’m just puzzled as to why that is because everyone (not necessarily people I was friends with but all the other blogs I wander across) mentioned the tsunami.

  • I have actually seen *many* more posts in weblogs and journals about Katrina than I did about the tsunami.

  • And I’m glad your mom is doing well.

  • I was thinking the same thing. In fact, I was thinking it about myself. However, I know that the reason I haven’t is because of crap in my own life right now taking up my thoughts. I did hear someone mention that it may be because we don’t have death counts yet, so it doesn’t seem so real or something.

  • Glad to hear your mom is doing well.

    As far as Katrina/Tsunami…..well, I have much less sympathy for the people who are stranded in New Orleans, than I did for the people who died in the Tsunami. Why? Let me explain.

    1) in the case of the Tsunami, while some warning could have been given if there was a detection system in place, it wouldn’t have helped the ENTIRE ISLANDS that were wiped out/moved.
    2) We knew Katrina was coming
    3) “Let’s build a city, below sea level, between a gulf, a lake and a river”
    4) People started SHOOTING at the RESCUE helicopters WTF?!?!?!?!
    5) While some of the looters are looting to feed their families, which is reasonable, but wouldn’t be neccessary if those people had evacuated, there was an armed robbery of a HOSPITAL. They went in, and took all of the drugs at gun point.
    6) Yes, while there are people who are too poor to drive out of New Orleans, but when you hear before the storm “New Orleans could be under water for 6 months” you start walking, hitch-hiking, car pooling, whatever you need to do to get outta there. How did they get to the Superdome? Teleportation? I think not.

    Now, while the government did do a shoddy job at evacuating people, and it took a while for the National Guard to show up in force (granted, a SEAL team may have been more appropriate) people need to take responsibility for their own actions.

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