staffing guy

I am still not pleased with the staffing agency or the staffing agency guy. I mentioned before, this was the place that last summer would not return my calls. There were two graphic design jobs through them at different times that I was interested in (through two different people there) and neither time did they ever return my messages. This time, the guy returned my message. Then he said it would be difficult to find me a job with my lack of experience (yeah, I know that but I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to say it). Then when he saw my portfolio he was more supportive and he said my resume was very well done. So I was more hopeful about them. Then last week he calls sometime Tuesday and I don’t get the message till I get home from work, which by then they were closed. I call Wednesday and he’s out of town until today. So I call today and he’s like, “well, I guess we missed our chance on that one since they were interviewing today and making a decision probably today”. I was really not happy with him. He should have handed me off to someone else to schedule it for that week. I would have called and asked someone about it, but I had no idea that it would be too late by today. You know how jobs like to fool around and take forever. I mean, if it wasn’t for his vacation, I could possibly have had a job today! I mean, assuming they wanted to interview me and all. I need to look into going through another staffing agency too. The only thing is, this is a big one in the area and they get a large amount of the jobs, so I need to stay with them too. My only consolation about this whole thing is that it was a regular graphic design job and what I really want is a web design job.

  • I worked for Kelly Services for awhile when I was in between jobs and they were great. I ended up getting two jobs that payed like $14.00 an hour and lasted for several days. Not to mention they were great about getting back with me and letting me know if they had something for me. Hope things look up for you!

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