I hate reading/watching the local news (and national). I really do. It’s full of murders, arson, rapes, traffic accidents, and other not very good news. Today I was looking on a local news site because the highway right outside of where I work was closed down. There was nothing about it yet then, but there was among the other depressing news a woman who locked her 4 year old out of the car and then ran them over. Purposely.

Later they did have an article about what happened. I guess someone merging onto the highway cut off a Giant’s produce truck, which then ran into the bridge and exploded. The driver of the truck, a local, was killed. There was an accident there not even 24 hours earlier well. This is also the spot where the girl I went to her 16th birthday party died a year ago. I see the cross every day when I go to/leave work. That’s yet another thing I won’t miss about working here.

I don’t know what the point of this entry was. I hate driving. I hate cars. I hate highways. I hate that people I know, including myself, have to drive and be at such a huge risk for accidents. Every time I hear about another traffic accident, I worry that someone else I know has been killed. But even if I didn’t know them, someone did.

  • ugh. Mike drives along several very busy streets/highways to get to work, and two of them almost always have some kind of traffic accident either on the way or coming home from work. I always worry about him too. I know he’s a good driver, but I’m more concerned with the other people on the road – the ones talking on cell phones, putting on makeup, and what have you. :

    my job is about 6-8 blocks away. I drive along back streets. I much prefer that.

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