Thanks for the RSS feed input. I decided to try bloglines for now. It seems to be working out well so far. I might look into some other options later.

I’ve been designated webmaster for the EQ2 guild I’m in. I bought the domain for it several weeks ago and have done some research on CMS options and other guild’s sites, but haven’t done any actual work on it. I keep changing my mind on what CMS to use. I was orginally just going to go with phpBB and build from that. Right now I’m considering Mambo or Drupal. I know what I want: weblog (for news), forums, image gallery, and event calendar. It also needs to be easy for the guild leaders/officers to add news and such to. I also want the theme system to be efficient. I don’t want to have to edit tons of files to change the design. Does anyone have any recommendations other than phpBB, phpNuke, Mambo, or Drupal? It’s too bad Expression Engine would cost about $200 for the basic + forums.

I have 4 more days of work here after today. I’m really not thrilled about agreeing to work tomorrow. I could really use that time to work on the guild site. Especially since I’ve had nothing to do here all week. I’ve kept myself busy by playing lots of Spider Solitaire, browsing the web, and reading. But I hate that I’m just sitting here wasting time. I could be doing much more productive things at home. Well, I do have one thing to do this afternoon. He wants me to look through all the Philly newspaper, tv, and radio sites to see if they mention this one guy who was arrested last week. Yeah, that’ll be fun.

Then Friday is the cardiologist appointment. I finally get my test results, over a month after the tests were done. And hopefully my official diagnosis. And maybe some medications that actually help.

  • Yay for quitting soon. I’m hoping your cardiologist appointment goes well. *crosses fingers*

    I really like this layout, btw.

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