Wow, that kidney artery ultrasound was a lot more stressful than I thought it would be. I couldn’t drink or eat anything after midnight and of course since I couldn’t drink, I was extremely thirsty. I also haven’t been sleeping well again (but am afraid to try the sleeping pill again) so I’m tired again today. I don’t get in until a half hour after my appointment is supposed to be. By then I was getting pretty hungry. Since I’m hypogylcemic, being hungry is not good. I get dizzy, anxious, headaches, and well, whiny. The entire ultrasound took almost an hour. It was painful. Really. I don’t know if that was normal or not, but she was pressing the ultrasound thing down very hard. I’ve had ultrasounds before of various areas and I never remember them being painful. I also don’t like when they turn the sound on and you can hear your body squishing and swooshing. From what she said into the computer for the recording, one of my left arteries is turblent and tortuous (?) and I think she said that one of the left ones branches off where it doesn’t normally. I’m really not sure though. I have no idea if any of that is an actual problem or not though. I tried looking it up online but got very squimish from reading about catheters and balloons and stents. I really really really really don’t want to have that done. Even if there is something abnormal with them, I don’t think it’s causing my high blood pressure. Since taking the beta-blocker, it’s been lower and one thing I did read was that high blood pressure caused by that is really difficult to control and often doesn’t respond to medications.

Off to my interview with the staffing agency soon.

  • *hugs* sorry to hear about the painful ultrasound..

    goodluck at the interview!

  • I remember part of my ultrasound was a little painful but everything else was bearable, sorry to hear yours was so painful. Hopefully they’ll find out something usefull though and get everything set for you. Good luck with everything!

  • I had a kidney ultrasound years ago, and it wasn’t painful at all – I wonder why yours hurt so much? That’s really crappy. I hope you figure out what is wrong soon!

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