Work has been very blah and physically stressful this week (tons of repetitve arm movements) plus full of my boss coughing on me and sitting next to me chewing with his mouth open and talking with his mouth full. So glad there’s only one more day this week and then I have a 5 day weekend (heh). Interview at the staffing agency went well last week. The guy said my resume was very well done. The one job I had seen for there was adament on the 3-5 years work experience, but I got a call today asking me to call him about another job. Unfortunately it was too late by the time I got it. I also sent out two more resumes. Let’s see if I can finally get some interviews. Speaking of interviews, I need a new interview skirt. I had a long black one from last summer but I “outgrew” it.

Joe and I have been playing a lot of Everquest II again lately. My new main character is now a level 25 Mystic. I finally thought of a last name for her so she’s now Faeolyn Fairmist, the wood elf. I seem to have a thing for same letter first and last names. My 22 Conjurer is Calandra Calloway and I have a 14 Sorcerer who’s going to be Auriella Ashmyre. I also seem to have a thing for names ending in -a. Solia, Efalia, and Calla are my other characters. My Star Wars Galaxies character main is Raea Faeana. EQII is a nice distraction from looking for a new job. I’ve been feeling too tired/edgy lately to do much of anything else, even read. The joy of having too high of a heart rate.

  • A lot of my characters have names ending with ‘a’ too; Starla, Strelia, Starlania…

    I’ll probably go back to EQII someday, but I’m digging WoW right now. Both games have their fun parts.

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