romberg’s sign

I read some forums on dysautonomia (of which IST and POTS are included). One post mentioned their neurologist doing Romberg’s Sign test. You stand with your feet together and close your eyes. Or you stand with your feet heel to toe and close your eyes. I’ve read different things on whether or not it actually means anything (other than that something could be messing with your balance neurologically, which POTS does). But, I tried it at home here and I failed miserably. I used to have good balance as a kid, but the past few years it’s been bad. It was actually kind of fun doing it. I could stand okay with my eyes open, but as soon as I close them I start falling. To the front, to the sides, anywhere. I had Joe try it when he got home, and he could do it fine. So I’m kind of curious. Anyone want to tell me if they can do it or not? I was suprised that I can’t even stand heel to toe really. I just tip over and have to fight very very hard to stay up with my eyes open.

  • I tip to the left when I try this; how strange! that happened with my feet side-to-side and heel-to-toe.

  • Even with my sucky balance, I thought it would be as easy as standing with my eyes open. Nope!

  • I pulled to the right each time, both ways. This does not surprise me as I lose balance and feel dizzy really easily, though.

  • How strange. I just get all around wobbly when I try with my feet together, and lean to the left when i try heel to toe. The link says it can be caused by inner-ear problems, which I definitely have. Strange!

  • I tend to wobble a bit doing both tests, it’s intriguing…

  • I tip to the right both ways. So weird!

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