At the moment, this is the wedding ring I’m considering getting. I don’t plan on wearing my engagement ring on the same finger…I get free lifetime resizes so I’m going to have it resized to fit my right hand. This ring is .5 caret and white gold. I’d rather have a platinum ring, but they’re more expensive. This is a half eternity ring. I love the full eternity rings, but I heard you can’t really resize them.

  • oh that is so pretty..

    I have a white gold ring, Its the only gold I can wear and to me, its much more beautiful than regular gold.. =)

  • My rings are white gold as well and even though mine has saphires in it, my wedding band looks quite a bit like that. I like it though, very pretty.

  • Very nice. My ring is yellow gold, only because I wanted it to match Kenny’s.

  • that’s beautiful :) I love the look of the eternity bands too. I have platinum – I like the look of the metal and its hardness. I’m very hard on my jewelry, so we thought it was worth the extra cost. white gold looks just as pretty, though, at least to me!

  • What is an eternity band, exactly?

    Mine are both white gold; my wedding band only cost $70 because we just got plain white bands. Which is good because the e-ring was a little more than that :P.

    I love that ring though, very pretty!

  • Eternity bands have diamonds that go all the way around. Half eternity ones just have diamonds on the front, so they look like an eternity band when viewing it directly.

  • Gorgeous! When I was talking engagement with my ex we always talked about white gold.

  • Yeah, I was kinda wondering that too :) Didn’t figure it out till we went to Kay’s.

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