It makes me so sad to see lost pet signs. There’s a notice in our entryway about a lost kitty named Mew Mew whose been missing since last week. I feel like crying everytime I see it or think about it. There’s also signs in my parents neighborhood about a lost dog named Buddy.

I’m always worried about Akasha getting out, especially since she keeps taking her collar off. She ran outside once, but only went onto the neighbor’s porch to play in the leaves. She follows us down the stairs sometimes and would like to get out again to explore. I don’t really worry about Spencer getting out. He usually meets me at the bottom of the stairs and just stands there when I open the door. He doesn’t have much desire to leave the comforts of home. Once he took a few steps out but then zoomed back in and up the stairs.

  • Yeah, the lost animal signs are always so sad.. We almost lost my MIL’s dog this past week.. she ran across the road for the first time in probably the five years ive lived here.. and no one knew until she was almost hit by a car=( everyone thought she was with someone else.. and we almost lost her=(

    poor lost animals..

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