This year has just been flying by. I can’t believe it’s May already. It’s like April didn’t even exist. Being very sick three weeks out of the month can do that to you. My classes also made the time go fast. Every 5 weeks I was learning something new.

Tomorrow begins the first of the series of appointments. Tomorrow is the eye doctor. Routine checkup plus my left eye has felt odd since I had that eyelid infection last summer. Friday is the family doctor for abdominal problems (I feel like I have a UTI again…but I just came off antibiotics!) plus followup bloodwork. Monday is the cardiologist, where I receive the heart monitor that I have to wear for 24 hours. Fun, fun, fun.

In between all that, I have to work on my assignments. I was really happy to hear that for Portfolio Development, he wants us to design a live website to house our portfolio. I’ll finally have something up at nontextualmatter.com! I’ve been working on chosing my pieces. One piece that I think I’d like to include is one I’m currently working on for my mom for mother’s day. It’s a tiger in a jungle, done in Illustrator. The tiger is mostly done, but I’ve been putting off working on the jungle the past few days. It just intimidates me for some reason. Since it has to be done by Sunday, I’ll have to get moving on it.

Speaking of Mother’s day, my parents, my brother’s family, and Joe and I are all going out to eat. My parents, Joe and I went last week to the place where they reservations. It was Joe and I’s first time there. They had the best roast beef and cheddar sandwich (with horseradish mayo) EVER. I only eat roast beef occasionally, and the only place I ever had it before was Arby’s. This was delicious, and huge. I had to take half home to eat later.

This is turning out to be an eventful month. Saturday: Zach’s baseball championship game, in a real stadium. Sunday: Mother’s Day. Monday: Heart monitor day. The 18th: Midnight showing of Star Wars Episode III. The 24th: Going to Philadelphia for annual meeting/reception/dinner for work (I was dissapointed that Teresa, the other part-time office assistant, isn’t going too). The 29th: Aubrey’s wedding. After that, it’s off to visit Joe’s family for a few days.

Uneventful June will be a nice break after that. The only plans I have for June are swimming in my parent’s pool.

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