I should be at work right now. I’m going there in an hour though.

Sunday night, I only got an hour of sleep. I had gone to bed at 12:30, and had to get up at 9 to go to the doctor’s. Up until about 2, it was normal “I’m not tired because I’m used to staying up late and sleeping in” kind of sleeplessness that I have every Sunday night. But after that, it wasn’t. I was tired. I wanted to sleep. I just could not fall asleep. I had drank warm milk. I had taken melatonin. But I could not sleep. And it wasn’t as if my mind was busy thinking about things. It wasn’t.

I spent yesterday in a daze, although I wasn’t exactly tired. I was numb. And jittery sometimes even. I expected I’d be able to sleep last night, even with that monitor on. Nope. I went to bed at 11:30. Was tired. Couldn’t sleep. The monitor was uncomfortable, with the tape and electrodes on my chest. I was still also feeling kind of jittery. I finally fell asleep around 3, but woke up around 7:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep. I didn’t have to get up until 8:15. Approximately 5 hours sleep total for two nights is just not enough. I was miserable when I got up. Sick to my stomach, headache, and my eyes couldn’t focus. There was no way I could go into work. I wouldn’t be able to do anything there, and if I did, I’d probably mess it up. So I called in. He didn’t sound too thrilled and said there was things there that needed to be done. Then he listed the things. He also said about calling in Teresa to help “handle the phones”.

Now, I know there’s things that need to be done, especially for our annual meeting/dinner/reception on the 24th. But the things that he said needed done, are things that will take me an hour to do, at the most. Literally. They are things I could have done yesterday afternoon, while I was sitting there for two hours doing nothing while he was out, if he had told me they needed done. As for calling Teresa in to help handle the phones…that’s very funny. Yesterday afternoon, the phone rang once. Well, twice if you count the time he called. The phone hardly ever rings and it’s almost always something he has to deal with anyway.

Also, yesterday at work I had said that I would have to come in late again, since I had to take the monitor off and return it at 10:30. He said why didn’t I just come in and then leave to do it. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but I was on the spot and said okay. I didn’t want to have to deal with trying to take off the monitor in the rest room. Plus, I couldn’t take a shower or bath with the monitor on, and I hate going through the day without taking a shower. I had planned on taking a shower after I took the monitor off. I don’t know. I can understand if he had been going to have been gone in the morning and he wanted someone there to answer the phones or email. But he wasn’t. And I could understand if we had a ton of work to be done. But we don’t.

I have to go get ready. Hopefully I won’t fall asleep on the drive there.

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