The cardiologist never called me, so today when I called my family doctor to receive the results of my blood test, I asked if they had receieved the results from the Holter monitor test. They had. By the way, my blood test results were negative so my liver is back to normal. Plus I don’t have lyme disease, although they never really thought I did. But anyway. They said the cardiologist said the results were normal, although my family doctor hadn’t looked at them yet. I mentioned that my pulse and blood pressure were still high, so the nurse said she’d tell the doctor so he knew that when he looked at them and that they’d call me back today.

Honestly, I’m confused. I took my pulse while I was wearing that monitor. It was between 105 and 125 the whole time. Above 100 is considered too high for a resting pulse. So I can’t understand why they said the results were normal, when clearly they are not. I also found the EKG they did when I was first at the family doctor and he discovered my pulse was high. I noticed that on it it said ‘sinus tachycardia’, borderline normal. Then it mentioned that it’s a condition that can sometimes occur in young women. The doctor said it was normal though (didn’t mention that it said borderline normal). What gets me is that the hospital, which told me I had sinus tachycardia, thought it enough of a concern to keep me two extra days. So to some doctors its a problem but not to others? I know sinus tachycardia isn’t life threatening, but it’s still something and is not normal! So why do some say its normal and some say its not? Even if the cardiologist would just have said, “hey, you have sinus tachycardia but we don’t need to do anything since you don’t have it severely”, that would have been okay. If that’s why my pulse is high, I want to know. I don’t like this, we think it’s normal even though it’s not so we’re not calling you to tell you, thing they have.

I just hope my doctor says something informative.

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