(Okay, I’m less whiny and cranky now)

I was just listening to the live chat archive for class and had to pause it and come write an entry.

Part of one of our discussion board assignments this week is to answer this question:
What three adjectives would best describe the style you will use for your portfolio presentation?

He elaborated on that some and said that it didn’t necessarily have to be adjectives, it could be any words. Also that this can be applied to any project really. He talked about how if you don’t apply this, the site could end up generic and without a personality.

This kind of really hit me. Krissy mentioned to me in an email the other day about how I can design a website to match a mood or theme. I realized today that when I design a website, I subconsiously do the equivalent of chosing three words to describe a style. Most sites come with a built-in style. Take the garden site I designed for one of my classes. You wouldn’t really use soft blues or pinks for a garden site. You’d likely have different shades of green. You know what a garden is and how to represent it.

A portfolio site is different though. It doesn’t really have a built-in style. The style needs to reflect your style. This is harder to do than it sounds, at least for me. It wouldn’t do to have a really high-tech website showcasing pieces that are whimsical and child-like, for example. I’ve been trying to think of a layout that would work for nontextualmatter.com since I bought the domain in August (well, not actively thinking but you know what I mean). I realized today that my problem is that I haven’t defined the style of the site. This is why all the designs I think of in my head are generic and boring. Once I figure out the style, the design should come easily.

  • I’m always, always struggling with the style I want for my sites! I think that’s why I always dislike what I make; because I don’t like the style. I like that idea of thinking of adjectives to describe the style; sounds like something I really should be doing.

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