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I’m not sure what I think of my instructor for Portfolio Development. He’s nice enough and fair enough, but I wonder a little at his design sense in regards to web design.

Yesterday during a live chat he was doing critiques of our inital designs. He kept telling people that they should use more interesting fonts or a more interesting background (or both). This pretty much went against most of what I read while researching what makes a good portfolio site. They usually advised against using patterns or images as backgrounds since then it competes with the work being shown. As for the fonts…he apparently wants us to use interesting fonts even for body text. There’s not that many interesting fonts that you can use that you can be sure everyone has on their computer. So does he expect us to make graphics for all our text? Not to mention, interesting fonts are usually hard to read when used for body text.

So I was a little skeptical by the time he got to mine. You can check out what I have so far at nontextualmatter.com. It’s not finished though. His advise was to get rid of the white background and use some sort of pattern or image, possibly repeating the stripes. I cringed at the thought of my lovely stripes forced into repeating across the screen. My fonts were also too plain, especially my body font (arial). He said it also looks too much like a splash page since there’s no real text on the main page (he said this about several people). So…I figure I’ll take out the links next to the flower and put text there. He also said I should have a second navigation system. Not sure where I can throw that in.

I know there’s ways I can make the site better, but I don’t think his advice is really the way to go, especially with the stripes. This whole thing just kind of bothers me though. While having to make a portfolio site for a class is a good way to get it done, I’m ending up making it more geared towards pleasing the instructor than pleasing potential employers. While the instructor might like glaring repeating stripes, I don’t think some employers would.

  • I just wanted to say that site looks beautiful. I love the color scheme and the stripes at the side especially.. having some repeating background, in my opinion, would just be plain odd. =( what a weird instructor.. goodluck with the class!

  • I like the colors and stripes to the side, it would be annoying and difficult to read if they repeated…can you do it his way for now and change it later or will you be stuck with it forever??

  • Thank you :)

  • I can always change it later. I just hate to make it too ugly now, since I’ve already given it out to a potential employer.

  • I love how that looks so far! Screw what your professor says!

  • I think I’d get dizzy looking at a repeating stripe pattern :) I like it the way it is.

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