Still waiting to hear from the doctor. I didn’t really expect to hear from them till between 4 and 5 though.

Tonight Joe and I are seeing Star Wars Episode III at midnight with some people from his work. I hope I can stay awake! I’ve been really tired the past two days, even with around 8 hours sleep a night. Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair trimmed. I remember that the day after I saw Episode II at midnight, I drove six hours to visit Blair. While driving was not fun, visiting her was.

I’ve been anxious to try Diet Coke with Splenda since I saw a commercial for it during the Survivor finale. I don’t like the taste of regular Diet Coke and I thought that C2, which uses both aspertame and sucralose (Splenda), tasted a lot like regular Coke so I liked that. I was dissapointed when I tried it. It has kind of a slightly fruity taste that reminded me of regular Coke with Lime. I did not like regular Coke with Lime, so I don’t really care for Diet Coke with Splenda. I like Splenda itself and use it in my tea all the time. My tea doesn’t taste fruity. I told Joe last night that I doubt they’ll ever make a Diet Coke that tastes exactly like Coke since most people would just drink that. While C2 did taste a lot like regular, it wasn’t exactly like it and sometimes had a weird taste. Plus, it wasn’t completely “diet”.

  • It’s weird but I’m so used to Diet Coke now after only drinking it for about a year now; regular Coke tastes pretty gross to me! I think you just need ot keep at it with diet drinks and they’ll grow on you.

    We’re seeing Episode III tomomrrow afteroon! I’m looking forward to it!

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