Holter Monitor

I’m wearing my Holter monitor right now. I have to keep it on until 10:30 tomorrow, at which time I’m to take it off and return it to the cardiologist. I was rather dissapointed in my visit today. All they did was put the monitor on. I had been hoping to actually see a doctor there. The nurse said that if there’s anything they see as abnormal on it, they’ll call me and set up an appointment for me to see one of the doctors there. If there’s nothing wrong, then they probably won’t call (gotta love that…waiting around and wondering if they don’t have the results yet, or if they’re just not going to call). And if they don’t call…then what? My pulse and blood pressure are still high, even if there’s nothing abnormal. Although, that in itself is abnormal.

  • wow=( that just seems kinda.. odd that they wouldnt call even if there was nothing wrong.
    *hugs tight* I hope it turns out okay.. im worried for ya.

  • ugh… seems like a lot of doctors are treating patients like merchandise on an assembly line these days. :( *hugs* I hope that you’re feeling a little better, at least. I don’t like the “no news is good news” thing much either – you know how doctors are always so backed up, and you never know if there’s nothing wrong or if they just haven’t gotten around to calling yet!

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