Eye Doctor

This morning my eye doctor appointment went well. My vision got a tiny bit worse, but other than that my eyes were perfectly healthy. She’s not sure why I’m having that problem with the left eye, but she said to try cold compresses and to just keep an eye (hehe) on it.

The best part of the appointment? I got new glasses! I hadn’t been sure when I went if I was going to get them or not. The whole money issue and all. But my current lenses are all scratched up for some unknown reason and I can sometimes actually see the scratches when wearing my glasses. As for the frames, well, they just suck. About 8 months after I first got them, the one earpiece broke off when I was just trying to put my glasses on. They replaced it. The earpieces are very flimsy though and I’m worried about it happening again. Especially since for some reason, the glasses get bent out of shape often and when I set them on a flat surface, the right earpiece is about a half inch off the table. Not to mention that they’re crooked on my face. I bend them back into shape and a few days later, it’s back like that again.

My new glasses are a really different style for me. They’re black, with lime green inside, and kind of rectangular. They’re my first non-wire frame pair of glasses since my very first pair (that I never wore). Here’s a picture of them. The lime green is more…vivid…than it appears in the picture. I can’t wait till they come in. I’ll be sure to take a picture of me wearing them.

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