Went to the doctor at 9:30 am today. They’re doing more blood work to check my platelet counts and to check my thryoid again. Previous thyroid tests were negative.

He also tested my pulse and oxygen using a finger monitor. Oxygen was fine. Pulse was high and all over a place. Sitting down it was around 143. When I stood up, it went up to 158 and then back down to 143. Laying down, it was 132. I stood up again and it went up to 158 and then down to 127, then back to the 140s.

He wants me to go see a cardiologist. He wants to try and find out what (if anything) is causing the sinus tachycardia and said he’s going to research it and could possibly call me in for more blood tests.

Hopefully I can get in to see a cardiologist soon and they can make some sort of diagnosis. I’m not supposed to do physical activity, aside from normal everyday stuff. He also gave me some sleeping pills, which I’m so grateful for. I just hope they do their job. I ended up with under 6 hours sleep last night.

  • oh wow.. *big hugs* You seem so strong, Id be freaking out and having a break down by now.. just because it sounds so.. off, I wouldnt know how to react..

    Hope you get a good diagnosis and something to help with it, at least make it not so.. high, etc.
    and hope the sleeping pills help you out!

  • *hugs back* thanks. I think the only reason I’m handling it okay is because I’ve “decided” it doesn’t really have a cause and is just inappropiate sinus tachycardia, possibly Postural orthostatic intolerence as well. Both are a form of dysautonomia, a problem with the autonomic nervous system. Not exactly a fun thing to have, but there are worse things to have. Only problem is that there isn’t really a cure. I won’t be handling things as well if the cardiologist decides they want to insert a catheter through my groin to have a look around my heart. I do not want that.

  • I hope the cardiologist can make a diagnosis soon too. I’m thinking of you!

  • good luck hon… this all has me so worried about you. *very big hugs*

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