Nice Day

Today it is so nice outside. It’s supposed to get to almost 80 and is sunny. Of course, I have to work. Joe has off though. After I get off work, we’re going to Taco Bell for dinner. Then we’re going to the mall to get sunglasses and a new purse for me. Today Joe has to take Akasha to the vet. She likely has tapeworm. Poor kitty. Spencer might have it too so they’re giving us medicine for both.

I’m wearing my contacts today and the left one is bothering me. It’s so annoying. All this week my boss was on vacation. It’s been nice. I much prefer being here alone.

So Adobe Creative Suite 2 was announced Monday. I found out though that there is no education version of the upgrade. I do not know why. The regular retail upgrade is $500 something. The full education version is $379. I’m going to try and save my money so I can buy it in May. What I’ll probably have to do is put it on my credit card and pay that amount towards it when I get paid at the end of May. Getting paid once a month sucks. I can’t just wait till June to buy it because the time the check is in the back, I may no longer be eligable for the student price. I graduate June 4th (finally!). I really want this upgrade of CS. There’s features of Photoshop and Illustrator that are going to be very good. I could live without the InDesign and GoLive upgrades, but it’s as much to buy them individually as to buy CS2 ($280 and $92). I just wish that they didn’t seperate the Mac and PC Versions. I plan on getting the PC version. It was nice that both Painter IX and Macromedia Studio MX were for both PC and Mac.

  • mmmm new photoshop… I wish I still worked there now!

  • I have an illegal copy of CS that I should figure out using sometime. I’d love to buy the actual software but i don’t have that kind of money!

    At IU we could buy Macromedia Studio MX for $99. I really wish they had had a deal with adobe so I could have gotten the software for really cheap!

  • haha, I know where you got that copy 😉

    I’m really excited about Mike’s grad school this fall – educational discounts galore!

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