I just found out something that really pissed me off, in relation to our apartment parking and such. We’re not supposed to have guests park in front of our buildings, they’re supposed to park in overflow areas. We’re also supposed to have only two cars per apartment in front of the buildings. A lot of people ignore the guest parking rule, but there’s some that follow it. I don’t mind really if it’s elderly people visiting their children, as some are.

A little background info: there’s an elderly couple who live downstairs from us. The guy has a handicapped space and the woman parks to the right of him, in a spot close to the sidewalk. Everyone in the apartment leaves that space open for her. Except guests, and that’s become more frequent since the other downstairs neighbors moved in in December. Yesterday there was a red jeep in her space from morning till late at night. It was there again today. I happened to look out when the person who owns it returned, since there was a lot of noise outside.

There was a red truck that pulled into a space and two people got out: the new woman neighbor downstairs and the person who went to the red jeep. They both were wearing those army outfits (forget what they’re called). I knew before that the woman works for the army (or navy?). So the red jeep owner goes over, gets in their car, and leaves. Red truck also leaves.

So apparently they’re using our APARTMENT PARKING as a CAR POOL lot. That just really pisses me off. Not only did the woman downstairs not get to park in her spot, but the other downstairs neighbors were taking up THREE parking spaces in front of the building. I mean, that’s just plain rude. I could be a little more sympathic if they were visiting all day both days, but to park in front of our building and take up our spaces when you don’t even live here to car pool to work is beyond rude even.

I had called Delbrook today to mention it to them, although I wasn’t sure which neighbor was doing it (as I said, I suspected since they do it a lot). They said they were going to sent out a notice to our whole street (other buildings do it too). But I think that Joe and I are going to write a letter and drop it in the drop box tomorrow. We can’t call Monday since we both work early. I mean, aside from the fact that it pisses me off to no end, I think that Delbrook should know about that. It is definately not an acceptable use of the parking in front of the apartments.

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