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I am not happy. It looks like I need to get a new video card. This isn’t definate, Joe still has to do some testing (switch our video cards to be sure his works in my computer and that it isn’t my motherboard or something). I have a nvidia 5200. I don’t think the problem is really with the video card, as in it’s broken. The problem is that it’s older and it sucks. I just got the card last year, with my computer and it’s still under warrenty, but it won’t do me any good to get another one, since as I said I don’t think it’s broken. I could play EQII fine on Sunday night, although with random crashes that get more frequent with each large patch. After the large patch Monday, I can’t play AT ALL. I can log-in, and then it goes to load the zone or the character select screen and just freezes and blue screens or reboots after the zone is loaded. Or it shows lots of weird colored polygons. I don’t think the card is bad because it doesn’t affect anything else.

I thought it was just the patch at first, but Joe tried World of Warcraft that he had installed months ago and that crashed too. I thought maybe it was a bad card till I started reading WoW boards today. Apparently most people with the 5200 card haven’t been able to play WoW since sometime in February, which is after Joe tried it on my computer. So technically it is related to the EQII patch, in that something in it caused it to not work just like the WoW patch caused it to not work. Unforunately, the only solution is to get a new card. We’ve tried all different drivers and none work. So as long as his card works in mine, I need a new one. Any suggestions? I don’t want to spend a whole lot but I don’t want a low-end card. Probably something between $100 and $200.

  • Do you have custom interfaces at all in EQII? If you do, rename your eq2.ini file to something else to disable them for now and see if that fixes it. That’s what Scott and a lot of people in our guild had to do because the game kept crashing on them.

  • Nope, just the normal one. Odd, Joe uses one and didn’t have a problem….although he didn’t play much yesterday.

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