I’m sick, I think.

I’ve had horrible sinus headaches all week, plus a runny nose, sneezing, and coughing. I don’t really think I have a cold though. Not sure what it is. I spent all afternoon today laying on the couch cross-stitch while watching Felicity. I’m trying to do my homework right now, but sitting up is not fun. My head is killing me and all I want to do is lay back down. I haven’t really done anything for my homework yet. There’s not any designing this week. It’s coming up with the idea, creating a proposal and business plan, including a budget for materials, printing, and personnel. I think I’ll just try and type up a some things for it and then finish it tomorrow. I have an idea for my project at least.

My new video card arrived today. I decided to go with the ATI Radeon 128MB 98oo Pro. From I love newegg now. The card works really well. Joe put it in before he left for work today. I can run Everquest II on a higher quality setting than before. I had been planning on playing around with settings for it today, but my headache kind of killed that idea. It sucks that I had to get a whole new card rather than getting a new one from my warrenty. My previous card is currently selling for about $45, so you can see how not good it is.

Something happened at work this week that was kind of upsetting. A wrong book was put into the materials for a class he was lecturing at. So after he mentioned it, he had me open one of the boxes for another lecture to check them. Both of the books were in that one and he was like this is so-and-so book and this is the other one. I told him that I hadn’t been the one who packed them. He didn’t really say anything. I was annoyed that he just assumed that I was the one who packed them wrong. Like Teresa couldn’t have been the one that packed them wrong. Just because I’ve only been there 6 months as opposed to however long Teresa has must mean that I’m not capable of reading the title of a book.

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