Senior Project

Today I could log into my Senior Project class, which begins Sunday. I’ve been wondering about this class ever since I first started here. What we have to do is chose three items from the following list (or more), create a business proposal along with cost estimates (as if we were a real company). We’re not supposed to use anything we’ve done previously or plan to use for a future class or any business or personal use.

So here’s the options:
Logo development and design
Stationery (business card, letterhead, envelope)
Product packaging design
CD packaging design
Print advertising design (magazine ads)
Print advertising design (newspaper ads)
Billboard design
Poster design
Catalog design
Brochure design
Instruction Manual design
Book Design
Children’s Book design
Product development and design
Web site mock-ups
Other: Please describe

My first thought was wow! Children’s book design! But then I thought, do I really want to create a whole children’s book if I’m not going to be able to try and sell it in the future? Sure, it would be good practice, but a lot of work can go into a children’s book. Plus I’d have to do two other items too from the list. I also only have one idea for a children’s book and I’d kind of like to be able to try and sell the book based on that idea. So right now I’m thinking of maybe a Flash-based web site. Maybe something like an online presentation about something. Then I could do logo development and CD packaging design. I have no idea what to do it on though. Or maybe I should just go for a regular website (minimal Flash if any), logo, and…something else for a business company. I don’t know what kind of business. Or maybe I should do some sort of children’s book. I don’t know! I don’t have very long to decide. The first part of the project is due the Sunday from next.

I would love ideas from anyone.