I’ve put off writing this entry since Sunday. I’ve been afraid of what my friends would say (or that they wouldn’t say anything). I’m probably worrying for nothing, but I’m afraid they’ll think I’m foolish and am a hypocrite (which I guess I sort of am, in regards to this). And I don’t know why I’m saying “they” instead of “you” since you’re pretty much all my friends who read this.

I bought a Powerbook Sunday night. Joe decided to take over the payments on the Toshiba laptop. It wasn’t necessarily the sharing issue…we weren’t arguing about it or anything although we both wished we could have it when the other did. I don’t know how to explain it really…I know I had said on here and to Aubrey that I didn’t want a Mac laptop, for various reasons. But after we got the Toshiba, I started thinking about Powerbooks. Both my Flash book and Painter WOW book have screenshots from a Mac. When I was installing my graphics software on the Mac, I realized that two of them had Mac versions on the CDs too. I looked up some programs for Mac and found both text editing and ftp software that uses tabs (something I can’t live without). I can use Firefox on a Mac. While I had previously thought I couldn’t use a lot of my graphics/web design software on it, I found out I can. I read an article about how graphic designers are more “hireable” if they are very comfortable with Macs. I couldn’t stop thinking about it the entire week. I can’t play Everquest on it however. That was a big concern for me. But I realized that the only thing I can do on the Toshiba in Everquest really is craft. It only has a 64mb graphics card (as most do). Joe said I could still borrow it if I wanted to craft on it. I don’t craft all that often. I did tonight and realized that while I was crafting, I was missing most of Survivor. Crafting during TV isn’t the same as cross-stitching while watching it.

So I think I’ve explained why I wanted one. But I haven’t explained why I bought one. Joe and I discussed it a lot last weekend. He has a good discount from Apple through work. He’s looking to get a job with the state, so we don’t know how much longer he’ll be working there and get the discount. I talked about maybe buying it for a graduation present, or when I got a full-time job. For most of this year, I have no interest in my credit card. Joe pointed out that with that, it doesn’t make a difference when I buy it, since I’m not paying interest on it, it’s not really hurting me financially. I’ll have to pay it off, but I won’t have to pay “more” like if I had to pay interest. He also said that if I get it now, I can enjoy it while I work less, same as the reasoning for the other laptop. Since I plan on both graduating and getting a full-time job by the time the interest starts up, it’s the same as if I bought it then. I need to have a full-time job around the time the interest-free ends, because my school loans repayments will start around then and I can’t afford that on a part-time job. I know it’s extra money that I do have to pay towards my credit card when I could be saving it, and it probably was a little foolish to buy it, but I just hope none of you think bad of me for it. It’s absolutely the last big purchase I’m going to make for a long time. Long long time.

I got the 15″ Powerbook, the lesser priced one with 1.5ghz and the non-Superdrive. I upgraded the RAM to 1gig since it wasn’t that much more. I also got a USB optical mobile mouse with a retractable cord (yay for right-clicking) and a lime green case.

I already receieved the mouse. The case is scheduled to arrive Saturday and the Powerbook Monday, but I heard Fed-Ex is usually conservative with their delivery estimates, so I’m hoping it’s Saturday on the Powerbook. I’m really excited to get it. I don’t regret buying it, but like I said I’m kinda worried about what you guys will think.

  • I’m getting a Powerbook once I’m in grad school and have an educational discount. I’m really looking forward to being on a Mac all the time; it was great to have one at my Adobe tech support job. :)

  • I’m looking foward to getting to use OS X. I haven’t gotten to use it really. :)

  • I’m LOVING my 12″ ibook. OSX is so fun to use, I know you’ll love the Powerbook

  • If you’re happy, I’m happy!! :)

  • I really, really want a Mac. But, yeah, I have no job or credit card. I’ll try living vicatiously through you until I can get one of my own!

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